University Graduates. We Need You

UNIVERSITY GRADUATES!! So you’ve finished university, earned your degree and are eager to get started with your career. You’ve got a great education, talent and enthusiasm in abundance – the only problem is, you’re not sure what to do next. With so many options to choose from, it isn’t always easy making key career decisions. This is particularly the case if your degree doesn’t guide you into a specific profession, such as law, accounting or medicine.

Recruitment consultants have a multi-faceted role. They work as marketers, networkers, problem solvers, interviewers and negotiators as they strive to find the perfect match between job seeker and employer.

There are plenty of reasons why recruitment careers appeal to many graduates. At GECKO we can give you all the training and guidance needed for excellent remuneration packages and real career progression opportunities.

If you are a graduate looking for work now or simply looking at options for when you graduate – give GECKO a call! Learn more about who we are, what we do and what we can offer you to kick-start your career in recruitment.

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