Sava: Diploma’s in Residential Surveying

If you already work in the property industry, then you are most likely already aware of Sava. With over thirty-five years of experience in the business, their growing array of engineers, surveyors and statistical analysists endeavor to improve building construction by supplying the industry with education and technology.

Part of this mission, to better the profession, includes their ongoing efforts to make careers in residential surveying more accessible. It is for this reason that Sava have developed their very own Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation. This vocational qualification is a unique and industry-recognised certificate, that provides all the necessary skills for a significant and accomplished career in the surveying industry.

Benefits of a career in the surveying industry?

A qualification in residential surveying and valuation services can offer several potential career paths. For instance, many qualified surveyors can use this diploma to advertise their own independent services. By choosing this self-employed method of working, an individual can choose the type of work and hours that are most convenient for them.

Alternatively, those who would prefer more conventional working hours and a steady salary can join one of the many existing firms currently in operation across the UK. What’s more, with the current growth in demand for surveyors and their services, panel work is always an option for those who require a more adaptable workload.

Lastly, despite the common perception of surveying as a historic occupation, a career in this business also means working with cutting edge technology. Whether it be using Artificial Intelligence to replicate human behaviors or the employment of drones and 3D mapping on site, surveyors are leaders of change in the industry.

So, how does Sava’s diploma differ from the qualifications offered by RICS? 

The vocational form of Sava’s qualification means that any skills taught are practical and specific to the surveying industry. Allowing students to qualify in just 24 months and with all the expertise required to immediately begin a career in the profession. What’s more, as the course is only part-time, applicants such as Chris are able to obtain their diploma alongside their own full-time commitments.

Finally, upon obtaining the certificate, all recipients are immediately inducted as an Associate member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Meaning they have been recognised and accredited by the international governing body of surveying.

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