GECKO Executive Search Are Now on Twitter!

For this end of April blog, we are happy to announce that GECKO Executive Recruitment is now on Twitter! As well as engaging with some of the major real estate and built environment firms, we are also actively using the platform to promote any potential employment opportunities within the constuction sector. Not to mention, any relevant careers for those who are either looking or already involved in the surveying industry.

But that’s not all. As well as updating our active job board, the Twitter page will also serve several additional purposes, including:

Regular business updates

Our account will contain all the essential information on any potential changes to our business model, holiday hours, contact information, or employment opportunities. What’s more, we will also be using this platform to announce our attendance to any future property conferences, as well as when and where you will be able to find us.

New blogs

The site will also enable you to see all our latest blog posts, as soon as they are made live on the website. Allowing you to instantly find our latest articles and news features on a range of topics from A.I in the Recruitment Industry to the use of commercial Drones in Property Surveying.

Property news

As a recruitment industry that specialises in Real Estate and Built Environment, we are always keenly interested in what is happening in the construction industry at large. That’s why we will be making use of Twitter to not only share the latest developments, but also our thoughts and opinions. As well as listening to what you, our clients, have to say on the matter.


Last, but certainly not least, we understand that social media provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with our customers on a far more informal basis than usual. That’s why we will be making sure to share a host of recruitment and property related memes, all with the aim of ultimately reducing the stress typically associated with the job-hunting process.

To follow us on Twitter, click here.

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