Recruitment Technology: 2020 Industry Predictions

As a modern and forward-thinking firm, the team here at GECKO Executive Search recognize the importance of embracing the latest recruitment technology in our day-to-day work. That’s why we are always looking for new ways of working that not only implements the most up to date software and procedures, but also anticipates any potentially groundbreaking innovations in the industry.

With this in mind, we’ve put together the following list of new technologies that we think will be essential for any progressive recruitment firm moving into 2020.

Targeted job advertisements

To begin with, the recent advent of social media as a buisness tool has also coincided with the ability to run highly targeted recruitment campaigns for a broad range of candidates.

More specifically, this new standard for distributing job advertisements has not only rendered the traditional methods of sharing generic messages to large groups obsolete, but also allowed recruiters to create bespoke content for their niche audiences. This is likely to continue as we move into 2020 and recruiters realise that the potential to target clients based on their exact location, age bracket, gender or even search habits will be an invaluable technique in approaching the best candidates for a role.

Recruitment chatbot

In addition to these advertising elements, automated processes are likely to become a widespread tool during the initial recruitment procedures of many modern firms. For example, over the last year and a half, the popularity of chatbots have introduced artificial intelligence (AI) into the recruitment industry.

By employing innovative technology, this automated response software is designed to replicate human conversation, based on the candidates input and several complicated algorithms. Leading to significant improvements in the customer journey, prospective canvassing questions and eventual scheduling of interviews. All of which is likely to contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the headhunting process for many recruiters in 2020.

AI for screening

Finally, the previously mentioned benefits of AI are not only relevant to the first point of contact, but also the preliminary screening of CVs and applications. This is especially true regarding the minimization of human error or bias during the original process.

For example, by only utilizing a set of predetermined fields that are based on the applicant’s experience, qualifications and overall prospects of success, any potential prejudices are removed from the equation. Resulting in a fairer and more efficient screening process for both the client and applicant. Moreover, because AI makes use of cross-referencing to compare the applicants experience and qualifications with that of the job listing, many of the candidates selected by this system are also of a higher quality. Just another reason that we think AI screening will be an important piece of recruitment technology moving into 2020.

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