The Benefits of a Recruiter for Surveyors

With 2020 now officially underway, you may be thinking about taking that all-important next step in your professional journey. If you already work in the surveying industry or are thinking about kickstarting a career in the sector, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where a recruiter can come in useful.

By hiring a dedicated professional to assist in your job search, you can rest assured that your individual requirements are being understood and accounted for at every stage of the process.

To illustrate this, we’ve included some of the key benefits that a recruiter can offer a surveyor…

In recent years, despite no change in demand, there has been a gradual decrease in the number of people qualifying as chartered surveyors. Whilst this has meant no shortage in the number of vacancies available, it has also had several detrimental effects. These include:

  • Lots of bias

Because there are so few professionals, it has been known for certain surveyors to exclude or entirely rule-out organizations based on their reputation or personal preference. Whilst this wealth of choice can be advantageous for some applicants, it can also result in an individual overlooking a company that better fits their skills and values.

By looking at your personal commitments and qualifications, an independent recruiter can displace this bias and find the perfect company to suit your needs.

  • Close-knit networks

The current lack of qualified experts also means that word-of-mouth is a big factor when it comes to the general perception of many surveying companies by the experts. With so much hearsay and crossover, it can be difficult to separate the fact from fiction.

Having built long-terms relationships with many of the country’s most renowned surveying organizations, GECKO Executive Search can guarantee a reliable and professional standard of customer service.

  • A fluid market

Due to the high demand of the industry, it is not unusual for one surveyor to have worked for five or more of the UK’s major firms. This fluidity means it can be tempting for new starters to only apply for the biggest and most lucrative firms and ignore any smaller or more moderately sized companies.

When you make use of a recruitment firm, they will instead focus on your individual requirements and find a solution that best meets your values, career objectives and personal commitments.

More specifically, here at GECKO Executive Search, a recruiter will conduct several interviews with every candidate where we carefully assess their background knowledge and career motivations – matching the companies to your individual criteria.

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